with the DMC Apsara Tours

Cambodian experts, Apsara Tours organices tailored made trips for individuals and groups. Luxury programs, adventure ones, sustainability tours and educative itineraries that make this experience of visiting this country unforgettable.

Within this article we will discover 3 types of programs such as culturals, gastronomical and social responsibility ones, which encourage the integration of the traveler to the culture of this beautiful country of South-East Asia.

Cultural programs

Apsara tours seek to provoque that cultural shock that we all look for when we travel to South-East Asia. Even though, more than a clash is a big hug. Within its programs, the visit to villages, schools and monasteries are included.

Travelers can sleep in local’s houses and thus, learn about how they live and about their delicious food. They can also go to local markets, teach in schools, practice meditation in local monasteries among ways of approaching.

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Gastronomical circuits

Apart from the cultural hug, the DMC looks to make us fall in love. And, it is well known that if the stomach is happy, the possibilities are higher.

The Cambodian cuisine is very colorful since it is based on vegetables, meat and spices. This program will introduce you to the Khmer culture through food, very different than Cambodia’s neighbors.


Responsable Tourism

To give long live to tourism in the ancient Angkor Empire, Apsara Tours launches this Responsable Tourism program, which intends to contribute in the improvement of the social, economical and environmental realm of the country and to promote the well-being of citizens.

Furthermore, the DMC runs an association called Apsara Foundation, with which the travelers will be able to participate, for example, in the construction of houses for Khmer villages among other projects in relation with the development of a responsible tourism and positive for Cambodia.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities of travelling to Cambodia, do not hesitate to contact us in info@aeromarket.es and ask for the programs of the DMC Apsara Tours !